Three Victims of Disgraced Detective Close to Exoneration

Author: Cynthia Diaz Shephard/Wed, May 07, 2014/Categories: Blog

The Brooklyn district attorney is working to vacate three murder convictions that involve the dubious investigative work of a former New York detective.

Disgraced former detective, Louis Scarcella, has been accused of sending scores of men to prison, some for decades, for crimes they did not commit, according to The New York Times. In this case, three half-siblings were wrongfully imprisoned for a murder case that involved both Scarcella and evidence that has been called into question.


City to Pay $6.4 Million After New York City Detective Allegedly Framed Innocent Man for Murder

Author: Cynthia Diaz Shephard/Sat, Feb 22, 2014/Categories: Blog

A man wrongly convicted of a 1990 murder, just released after serving 23 years in prison, will receive $6.4 million from the City of New York. David Ranta was allegedly framed by a New York City detective.

Ranta filed a $150 million claim in 2013 that was settled by the New York City’s comptroller’s office prior to the filing of a civil rights lawsuit, CBS News reported. In 1991, Ranta was convicted of second-degree murder for the February 8, 1990 killing of Rabbi Chaskel Werzberger of Brooklyn, New York. Ranta served 23 years of what was to be a 37½-year prison sentence.



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