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Verdict_Against_Prominent_NeurologistDr. Dale Lange, a prominent New York neurologist, has been ordered to pay nearly $4 million to a patient left sick and disabled after treatment.

“I went through a lot of unnecessary stuff; a lot of pain; eventually lost my wife and family over all this … He did me wrong,” the patient said, according to CBS 2 News. The Orange County man was referred to Lange at Mount Sinai Hospital in 2005 for a mysterious medical condition:  he was falling repeatedly. Lange diagnosed the neuromuscular disease myasthenia gravis, and the patient underwent years of treatment, medication, and surgery, including the removal of his thymus gland. The patient had worked as a landscaper but never regained his strength after surgery.  Because his chest was wired closed, he could not do the lifting necessary in his work.

When Lange left Mount Sinai four years later, the patient, still suffering debilitating symptoms, began seeing a new doctor, who was not convinced he had myasthenia gravis and she discontinued some of the medications he had been taking. She offered a different diagnosis: cataplexy, a sudden muscle weakness. A new medication has left the man feeling better, though even with the jury’s award, he said, it will be hard to rebuild his life. After the first diagnosis he withdrew from normal family activities, which eventually led to a divorce.

Lange, now neurologist in chief at the Hospital for Special Surgery on the Upper East Side, has appealed to have the verdict overturned, CBS 2 News reports. Neither Lange nor his attorney would speak to CBS.

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