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Nurses-Lawsuit-Accuses-Lond-Island-HospitalNew York Post reports that Nassau University Medical Center is being sued by a former employee, who alleges that the neglectful facility may have ultimately caused patient deaths. The lawsuit, filed by Long Island nurse Robert Reilly, says that he was not properly supervised when he first took the job in March 2010. Reilly says that even though he was an amateur RN with little experience, he was assigned to take care of the sickest patients in intensive care. He says his bosses did not “support” him, and that he simultaneously faced discrimination for being the only white, male nurse on staff.

“It is believed that [harm to] the health and welfare, including possible wrongful death, of several patients may have resulted from [NUMC’s] negligence in failing to properly supervise, guide and support Reilly,” his Brooklyn federal lawsuit alleges. Reilly described his cases as being “the most complex and unstable patients” in the ICU. Reilly says these seriously ill patients “should have been assigned to a more experienced RN,” But instead they were “ultimately placed . . . in an unnecessarily precarious situation.”

Not only did his more-experienced colleagues fail to show him the ropes, but Reilly alleges that they actually avoided him. He says that he was often forced to work 18 to 19 hour shifts because nobody would come to relieve him.

Under New York law, medical caregivers are supposed to be supervised. The shocking claims in the lawsuit could lead to more legal issues for the 530-bed hospital.

Reilly further alleges that his female colleagues constantly expressed that he was unwanted. He claims that they constantly told him “Men don’t belong in this field,” and, “You don’t belong here,” Additionally, he alleges that even though he worked those long hours with no one to relieve him, his supervisors denied him his overtime pay.

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