Author: Francis Kelley/Tue, Jul 02, 2013/Categories: Long Island Accidents

distracted_drivingDistracted driving becomes a more dangerous habit almost every day and more and more younger drivers are getting behind the wheel of an automobile and seemingly can’t put their cellphones down.

Efforts to crackdown on texting while driving have returned minimal results so far. In most states where laws are currently on the books to curb texting while driving, a fine is the most serious offense.

A New York law passed this week is taking law enforcement efforts a step further and targeting the youngest and newest drivers in an attempt to cut the habit of distracted driving before it starts. According to a Newsday report, the state’s Senate, Assembly, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have approved a law that would impose a 60-day license suspension to probationary and junior-license drivers who are caught texting behind the wheel of an automobile.

Penalties For Repeat Offenders

If after that first suspension, the same young driver is caught texting while driving again, they’ll face another 60-day suspension.

While this specific law targets younger drivers, careless drivers of any age can now expect stiffer penalties for getting caught and cited for distracted driving. In another move from state legislators in New York, any driver will now add five points to their license. That punishment puts distracted driving in the same regard as a careless driving offense. The previous penalty was three points on a license, according to the Newsday report.

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