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accidents_new_cassel_carFive people were injured and taken to local hospitals following the latest automobile accident on Long Island roadways. reports that the three-vehicle accident happened on Old Country Road in New Cassel, N.Y., on Tuesday afternoon. Details of the accident were scant at the time of the report. A truck, a van, and a car were all involved in the crack-up in Nassau County. At the end of the accident, the truck involved ended up on top of the van, while the car was located across the street from the pileup.

This is just the latest report of accidents involving injuries on Long Island roadways, which have been deemed some of the most dangerous in the tri-state area, including a stretch of the Southern State Parkway — a 10-mile span the local authorities have dubbed “Blood Alley” because of the frequency of automobile accidents that involve serious injuries and death. In fact, in October of last year, four people were killed on the Southern State Parkway in a vehicle accident.

Contributing Factors To Auto Accidents

There are numerous factors that increase the risk of suffering a serious injury or dying in an automobile accident. First, Long Island’s roadways have been deemed dangerous and likely increase the risk of these accidents occurring. High rates of speed often cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles on Long Island’s roads, heightening their chances of being injured or dying in an accident.

Add to that the dangers posed by drunk or distracted drivers. New York authorities have recently increased efforts to curb distracted driving (which generally refers to driving and texting or otherwise using a cellphone while behind the wheel). Distracted driving has caused increases in the number of traffic accidents with fatalities and serious injuries in recent years, especially as smartphone use has spiked.

An Increase In Car Fatalities

In Nassau County, specifically, there were 104 deaths caused by automobile accidents, a 20 percent increase over the previous year, according to recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

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