Author: Francis Kelley/Tue, Nov 26, 2013/Categories: Long Island Medial Malpractice

north-shore-university-hospital-kidney-transplant-malpracticeA Queens Village couple has filed a lawsuit against a nearby hospital alleging that it caused their pain and suffering, and ongoing need for medical treatment and procedures.

Manhasset-based North Shore University Hospital should shoulder the responsibility for their problems, they charge, because surgeons working there botched what should have been a routine kidney transplant, which is the reason for the couple’s continuing medical problems.

While the transplant was being conducted, a fluid dripped from the OR ceiling and contaminated the harvested organ, permanently damaging it in the process.

Despite the hospital’s insistence that nothing went awry during the procedure and that it is not responsible for the couple’s problems, the husband and wife allege that whatever went wrong in that operating room was caused by whatever was in that liquid dripping from the ceiling. Sometime during the procedure—which involved both husband and wife; the organ was harvested from the wife and set to be implanted in the husband—something went wrong while the couple lay next to each other, anesthetized, waiting for the surgeons to finish the procedure.

The couple believe the kidney had been stored in a container placed on the OR’s back table. Then, whatever was leaking from the ceiling, dripped into the container with the kidney, ultimately damaging and destroying the organ, Newsday reports.

A member of the surgical team even noted down the event after the procedure, Newsday reports, adding that those performing the surgical procedure quickly scrambled to save the kidney from irreparable harm, including flushing it with antibiotics.

Nevertheless, a “barely functioning” kidney was eventually placed inside the husband, according to the Newsday report.

Now the husband suffers from kidney failure while awaiting another transplant. His wife has to live the rest of her life with one kidney—her other one, which was supposed to save her husband’s life, is a barely functioning organ.

The couple is seeking compensation for injuries, as well as pain and suffering—none of which will end until a new transplant is successfully performed.

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