Author: Francis Kelley/Mon, Jul 15, 2013/Categories: Long Island Accidents

alert_system_for_tired_driversResearchers are currently looking into technology that would give automobiles the ability to alert their drivers that they’re tired and need to get off the road.

Driving while drowsy, tired, or falling asleep contributes to a growing number of automobile accidents that cause serious injuries and death to drivers, passengers, and people in other vehicles, according to our previous reports.

According to a report from Live Science at, a team of English researchers want to introduce two technologies into vehicles that would alert drivers that they’re too tired to continue traveling. By using electroencephalography (EEG) and high-speed retinal tracking, the team believes it could create technology implemented in vehicles that could provide those alerts.

By using these rapid brain and eye scans and comparing them to norms that show a person is getting sleepy, they hope the project comes closer to reality. Vehicles already use eye-scan technology for a variety of purposes in vehicles, but none have ventured into brain scanning, according to the report.

Tired Drivers Cause A Large Percentage of Accidents

In England, estimates suggest that 20 percent of all traffic accidents are the result of tired drivers. The problem is a concern to safety officials in the U.S., too, and has previously been the subject of public safety campaigns to alert of its dangers.

The biggest challenge for researchers now is determining how the brain interprets the ever-changing imagery when a person is driving. As drivers continue to travel, they see more and more new images all the time and this project wants to find out how the brain reacts to this and determine what markers show that a driver is tired, according to’s report.

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